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Thermo-Tack Film

Thermo-Tack Film

Hot and Cold positioning & Lamination”


“Thermo-Tack Film” is thermoplastic hot-melt film, equipped with an additional layer of cold-melt tack.

General use:

  • (Pre)-positioning purposes = quicker and more effective production
  • Heat transfer = coating of tacky anti-slip material onto base materials
  • Heat transfer = coating of tacky layer onto base material for further lamination or (manual) positioning.
  • Re-enforcement = providing (temporal) backing of your base material for further processing


Availability :

  • Different Polymer bases possible
  • Tape width (from 9mm) and full width
  • Different weights possible
Please contact us via email ( info @ lami-technic  com) for available weights, widths and supply conditions.

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